Frequently Asked Questions

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How early can i book?

The earlier the better.

However, at least 24 hours would be recommended. If you are making a last minute booking it is best to phone, most times we will be in the office long after closing time. If you make a online reservation there is no guarantee that you will get a vehicle unless you receive a confirmation.

Are prices shown per person or vehicle?

Our prices are per car please see Vehicle capacity for further details. The price you see is the price you pay. There are no add ons.

How is a booking confirmed?

If you book online and cant pay by card you can pay in the car or ask us to send you a payment link.

If we do not hear from you we will cancel your booking request.

If you do not get a booking confirmation email check you junk/spam folder. If you don't get a confirmation we won't dispatch a car.

If you do not receive an email confirmation please check yor spam folder, or email us so we can help.

Shoudl your card payment fail, assume your booking is incomplete so a driver will not be dispatched. You can request a payment link from us or pay by card on the day.

Please esnure you have a contact number if you wish to be met outside the terminal.

What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

We will check the flight status on the day and the driver will arrive at the airport after 30 minutes (or as you have instructed) if you selected meet and greet option after the flight lands. if you have made other arrangements the driver will arrive according to thos arrangements

Can you guarantee a driver will be the airport?

Though our drivers will make every effort to arrive on time,at times it is difficult to predict traffic and other situations outside of our control. We will make every effort to contact you if we are delayed. Please refer to our terms of service. These instances are very rare 99% of the time we are able to meet your as you exit arrivals. In circumstances where we unreasonably late we will make every effort to arrange alternate transport through another company and where we are unable arrange a alternate service, we will refund any advance payment.

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Full terms and conditions
What happens if payment online fails?

If you made a booking and the last step is you wish to pay online and it fails, you will not get an email confirmation.  You can contact us and we can send you a payment link.  Or you can in the car by card.

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Meet and greet

If you wish to be picked up inside the arrivals hall (for airport pick ups) please select meet & greet option £9.50 for 40 minutes (extra parking cost applies if more than 40 mins) You get 45 minutes free waiting time.

However after 1hour we charge £40 per hour.  Please ensure you allow for extra time in the booking notes for example landing time 200pm (pick up time 245pm etc).

Do we provide baby or child seats?

We do not provide baby or child seats, as you can travel in a taxi, minicab or private hire vehicle without one.

Meeting outside the terminal

Meeting outside the terminal
We can meet outside the drop off area outside the terminal if you don't want to pay for the parking costs. But we need to have been provided with a working contact phone number.

For Heathrow Airport T2,T4 and T5

1 Driver will text you on the day with the car details
2 Let the driver know you got bags
3 once you got bags head to carpark lifts take lift to level 5 to the drop off departures level far left end towards Valet Parking hut.
4 We can also meet you in the carpark level 1 once you got bags etc

For Heathrow airport T3

1 Driver will text you on the day with the car details
2 Let the driver know you got bags
3 once you got bags, walk out of arrivals by Cafe Nero exit and turn right towards Valet Parking hut located outside drop off area.
4 We can also meet you in the carpark level 1 once you got bags etc

For Gatwick North terminal 

1 Driver will text you on the day with the car details
2 Let the driver know you got bags
3 walk outside the terminal around the carpark and meet by Premier inn hotel. 

For Gatwick South terminal 

1 Driver will text you on the day with the car details
2 Let the driver know you got bags
3 once you got bags,head to short saty carpark and take lift to ground level. Drive will meet by lifts at the ground level where cars drop off. 


Parking costs explained
0 - 29 minutes£7.50
30 - 44 minutes£11.00
45 - 59 minutes£13.50
1 - 2 hours£17.00
2 - 3 hours£20.50
3 - 4 hours£23.30
Waiting Charges

FREE 45 minutes then waiting charges are £40 per hour or part thereof for all airport transfers.

If there are any changes or variations including extra mileage extra waiting time or deviations to the journey other than what was agreed at the time of booking, the client will be charged extras in accordance with our pricing structure.

Incoming flights 45 MINS free waiting time after which waiting charges will apply. Please allow enough time for immigration & baggage to avoid unnecessary waiting charges.
For airport pick up Our driver will wait up to 90 minutes, without having made contact with the passenger.

If after 90 minutes driver still has not made contact with passenger, this will result as a no show & no refund will be offered.

Are payments made on this website secure?

Yes, the credit card transaction will be processed by STRIPE. The card transaction and the collection of card data is completed across a secure server and this service is provided by STRIPE. STRIPE is PCI DSS (Payment card data Industry data security standard) compliant. The PCI DSS is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security. You have the option to save your card details

Fixed priced policy

Fixed priced policy

Yes we operate a fixed price policy. We allow you the client to choose, when you want to be met. If you are a business customer and time is of essence, request to be met 10 - 15 minutes after landing, or on landing, in any case you have 45 minutes of free waiting, ample time to clear airport formalities.

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